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This too will pass

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

It is a powerful statement and has a much deeper meaning than what it looks like. Do we actually realize or understand the meaning of this sentence.

The origin of this statement (as I have heard) is from someone asking for something which will make them sad when they are happy, and make them happy when they are sad. Answer – “This too shall pass”.

I read it in a different manner. First, I changed the ‘shall’ to ‘will’. Why – I do not like the usage of shall / should as it depicts vagueness. Its’ not specific. Let me explain by an example – “We shall get this job done” vs. “We will get this job done”.

Now ‘This too will pass’ if remembered during the good times, when we are at our peak, earning well, have a loving spouse, big house, good car; must not make us sad rather keep a check on our ego. Normally, when we are happy, we take things for granted and believe this will continue permanently. Guess what, nothing is permanent in this world. Uncertainty is a fact of life and remembering that ‘this too will pass’ keeps us grounded, keeps our ego in check, makes us prepare for not so good days coming ahead. At times, it also saves us from over commitment. I am reminded of another statement – Never promise when you are happy, never decide when you are sad, never reply when you are angry.

In bad times ‘this too will pass’ gives us strength and hope. Well, even bad times are not permanent and it comes with a timeline that we are never aware of. Now going back to my first blog, the bad times will not end by us simply hoping for it to get over. We need to put the best of our efforts to get out of it.

I have made this statement a part of my life as I understand its power and it guides me in my decision-making, supports me in my day-to-day life.

Wish you success, happiness and joy in life.

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Wonderful Addy. I would love to read more about your personal life-experiences . Looking forward to read more and more from you.

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