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Life Lessons from a Bollywood Song #1

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

While listening to a song today morning, I realized that every stanza of the song had a clear message and guidance – exactly what a life coach suggests. The song that I was listening to, is a very popular one and we all must have heard it multiple times – Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya – Movie – Hum Dono (released in the Year 1961).

Let me try and explain you the life lessons that this song teaches us in every ‘antara’.

1st Antara – ‘Barbadiyon Ka Sog Manana Fazool Tha, Barbadiyon Ka Jashn Manata Chala Gaya’

Well, in a nutshell it means – Why cry over spilled milk… However, it can be understood in a different way too. When we go through a bad phase in life, we are depressed and sad and are questioning ourselves – Why me? But this depression, sadness, questioning doesn’t actually help. Fact of the matter is that it makes the situation worse and makes us pathetic. Instead if we understand the word ‘Jashn’ in this antra as ‘Lesson/Learning’, it changes our approach towards the situation. Each time that we are in a difficult / challenging position in life, we must ask ourselves why… what can I learn from this? Because ‘Sog (shok)’ doesn’t really help…

2nd Antara – ‘Jo Mil Gaya Usi Ko Mukaddar Samazh Liya, Jo Kho Gaya Main Usko Bhulata Chala Gaya’

This antara actually gives two lessons – Be content in what you have and move on with what you have lost. We always get what we DESERVE and it’s applicable to everything, people in our lives, assets we acquire, wealth… everything. But we always expect more, dream for more and wish we had more. How does it help? Instead, we must work on making ourselves more capable, more knowledgeable, more lovable so that we get what we deserve. Enhance our worthiness…

Moving-on is important too. We can’t go in the past and change it so we don’t need to continuously blame ourselves or feel sad / depressed of what has happened. Everything that happens to us, is for us to learn and become better. Learn from it and move on.

3rd Antara – ‘Gham Aur Khushi Main Fark Na Mahsoos Ho Jahaan, Main Dil Ko Us Makaam Pe Lata Chala Gaya’

‘Serenity’ – this word comes to my mind when I try to understand the sentence above. I know humanly it is not possible to not be happy or sad, however, can we try not being too happy on achievements and not being too sad on our loss. Even the line above says that the person is trying to move his heart towards it. It’s a process and surely a very difficult one. Any amount of success in this will make us a different human being, more calm and peaceful within.

During the last few minutes of me writing this blog, I realized that there are more Bollywood songs that give us valuable lessons on life. So I changed the subject line and added #1. Soon there be another one with #2. Till then, stay safe, stay strong, stay blessed, stay happy…

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Amazing insight Addy. I love this song even more after reading your blog. On a lighter note, why did you miss Mukhda ;)

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