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Kal Ho Na Ho

All of us who understand Hindi, must have heard this. There is also a famous Bollywood movie with the same title. To my non-hindi speaking readers, ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ is a hindi proverb which means:

‘Kal’ – Tomorrow

‘Ho’ – May Be

‘Na Ho’ – Might not be

We never know when’s going to be our last day. What if it’s today? How will I live this day if it’s my last day?

Will I get annoyed with someone?

Will I hold a grudge against someone?

Will I procrastinate?

Definitely NOT… If it’s my last day, I will do everything right, will not get angry on anyone, will spend time with friends and family, will spend the whole day in a happy mood… WHY? So that my last memory with everyone is nice and they can cherish it once I am gone…

This makes me think what if it’s actually my last day today? Because we will never know which one is…

I think we must always live everyday as it’s our last… And if we make it through, celebrate…

I recently lost a very dear friend, colleague, partner (mostly in crime). You were full of life and a bundle of energy. I am done with mourning and now I will always celebrate all happy moments that I was lucky enough to be part of, with you.

This post is dedicated to you. You are and will always be celebrated…

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